Black-Owned Businesses Struggle During Pandemic

Black Owned Business Network

Wow…. What a year! I think 2020 is going to be one of the most memorable years for a lot of us for one reason or another. We’ve experienced a lot of different things, felt a lot of different emotions, and made a lot of adjustments as we tried to handle all the unexpected turns […]

Pure Natural Vibes LLC Offers A Healthy Kind of Addiction

Black Owned Businesses

One cannot box the definition of success as it varies from one person to another. Some achievements may look small to others, but it may be the greatest for another. Aside from providing quality products and services, every business has its way of defining its success. It may be from achieving a monetary goal to […]

Black Owned Business Network (BOBN)

Black Owned Businesses

Black Owned Business Network (BOBN) was created by a team of African American Entrepreneurs looking for a way to market their goods and services solely online due to the global pandemic. It didn’t come as a surprise that ramping up their online presence was going to take a lot of work since the other major retail […]